Why a blog

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Why a blog?

Writing articles is so important for self-development for different reasons. First of all, it helps me with improving my writing skills, learning new words, and learning new stuff. Actually, I am my first reader, so I write about things that I find interesting, or I did struggle to learn it/use it since no useful information were available in the internet and I wanted to save people’s time. Also, I may write articles that is recommended or requested by the community.

Moreover, it encourages me to read more books (different genres) and read articles in order to get inspired by other writers and improve my vocabulary. Meanwhile, I found out that it let me decrease the amount of time that I used to spend in social media.

What kind of content?

The content of this blog will be mainly technical; it can be general engineering hacks or algorithms, and it can be also about a specific tool/software or programming language with its specifications which my not be transferrable as it is due to the details.

Meanwhile, I will be writing in Medium all the life style hacks, city guides for travelers and personal activities.


To keep up with what’s going on in the world and motivate myself to write more often, I will make my best to post twice a month (maybe more when I have free time). 1 article for 15 day because I write them when I commute to work and finish them during the weekend.

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